How to increase business with Google Adsense Ads! #Part1 Increase Buyer Ratio

 To improve a business that we need to learn may be very much, and will not be enough for us to discuss with just one article.

Therefore we will provide several parties to make it easier for you to understand and read the ways and strategies you can do to increase business income by utilizing Google Adsense as an advertiser.

#Part1 : Increase Buyer Ratio

Increasing the buyer ratio is indeed quite difficult, if the goods or services you offer are still fairly new or still very common to the general public.

To encourage the goods or services that you provide can be recognized by many people, there are several ways such as advertising on social media, advertising offline, advertising in newspapers and many more.

This time we will discuss first about advertising on Social Media Through Google Adsense.

How to Advertise on Google Adsense The way to advertise on Google is very easy, with only a capital of some money and downloading an application called AdsWord. You will be able to advertise your products or services to various Google platforms, such as Youtube, Google Pages, Blogger and WordPress which are associated with Adsense Publisher.

By using this method, the product that you are going to sell will become known to the general public, and as a result your sales will gradually become crowded. But this cannot be felt instantly, it may take a while for you to really feel the impact.

How much is the price pegged for 1 ad Generally, the price set by Google Adsense has indeed been determined according to the product or location you are going to, so for the price we cannot conclude evenly.

With consistency that must be maintained and a high commitment, it is possible to get a lot of benefits by using Google Adsense services.

And that's the way to advertise on Google Adsense, in the next part I will discuss advertising in offline or public places.

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