How to increase Earnings On YouTube

 Currently, there are many different types of activities on the internet that can generate income. One of them became a Youtuber. As a beginner Youtuber, you can earn a decent amount of money from Youtube. This is proven by the number of Youtubers currently in Indonesia.

How to Get Income from Youtube Many people wonder, how can people upload videos on Youtube and get prizes that are not kidding, some even reach hundreds of millions of rupiah per month. Let's not get confused, below are some ways to earn money through Youtube.

1 Youtube ads 

To support the operational and living costs of YouTubers who regularly upload their videos, Youtube will distribute commissions to all channel owners every month. This term is often referred to as commission sharing from Youtube ads or advertisements from clients added by Youtube to your video as the account owner. Creative industry players who have been in the world for a long time often call it AdSense.

Through policies that have been made in such a way, content creators will earn money based on the number of viewers who view or access advertisements through the videos they upload. In essence, the more viewers who see the ad or click on the ad, the more income Youtube will give to account owners. This may annoy some viewers who see it, but from the other side, content creators depend on this system for their livelihood.

2 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial relationship between a commercial company and the YouTuber himself. Generally, this youtuber salary is given by the brand, such as brand A who is marketing their products.

To get money from here, you as a Youtuber must have a cooperation agreement between the e-commerce party and the channel owner. Then, after an agreement, the youtuber will advertise the product or promo requested by the brand in the video.

Then, after telling the viewers the promo code, the code can be entered by the buyer when they want to shop and get a discount or something. This code is commonly used as an identity that the Youtuber has succeeded in attracting 1 buyer from his account.

In addition to entering the code, there are also other ways, such as shopping directly from the link shown or placed in the video description column. Where, the more people who use the promo code, the more coffers of money you will make as a Youtuber.

3 Selling

Youtube can also be a medium or channel that helps you make sales. Here you can review the brand or product you want to sell. Usually this method is used by large companies that advertise their products directly through videos uploaded through the company's Youtuber account. So, directly or indirectly, content creators can make viewers want to buy what their idols wear.

4 Endorsement

This is one way that is often done by Youtubers. Where, they can earn money by becoming an endorser of a product. Usually, they will promote products that have paid for them. It is often found at the beginning, middle, or end. Usually they will appear in the videos and content they create.

The goal is to profit from the endorsement method. This term is indeed more popular for social media Instagram. For Youtube itself, this is often done by food Youtubers who always review food at restaurants that have paid for them. When else can you eat for free and earn?

Tips for Earning Income from Youtube Now for those who want to start a career as a Youtuber, the conditions are quite easy. The important thing is to be consistent then slowly but surely earn income. However, the income of beginner Youtubers can be said to be unstable. Therefore, try some of the tips below so that beginner Youtuber income can be stable and increase.

1 Consistent

So that income as a beginner Youtuber can increase, the most important key is to be consistent. Consistent here in the sense when creating videos and staying consistent in only one category.

For example, from the start you created a channel with a music category, you must be consistent in creating content related to music and consistent in making videos. Don't forget to keep making videos with good quality. That way, subscribers can increase as well as your income.

2 Creative

In creativity, there is no limit to self-expression. Therefore, brilliant and creative ideas are needed so that your Youtube content can be better and unique. However, what you need to remember, being creative doesn't mean you have to leave your channel category.

Don't forget to also take advantage of some of the things that are around you when making the video. Always try to find unique ideas for your content and provide quality videos so that they are not only entertaining, but also informative and inspiring.

3 Discipline

Set a clear schedule for uploading videos to your channel. Don't forget to also provide clear information regarding the video upload schedule to subscribers. That way, you won't lose subscribers, you can even increase them.

#4 Has Characteristics

As a person who is looking for income in the creative world, it definitely must have a characteristic. Especially if you are a beginner Youtuber. Because, with these characteristics, later you can be better known by people and increase subscribers.

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